Tuesday, January 19, 2010

7 Red Things

Soo... My cousin, Nenette at LifeCandy tagged me. She's quite neato. Seriously. She's family. It's difficult for her not to be. As it is for myself. Anywho..

The rules are as follows:
1. Take pictures of 7 red things in your home.
2. Tag 7 people to do the tag.

Here's what I gots...

1. My Lululemon reusuable shopping bag. All the writing on the bag is referred to as The Lululemon Manifesto. It has a lot of good life stuff on it.

2. My West Side Story Movie. This is one of my favorite musicals! I've been watching this since I was a wee one.

3. My Jollibee Mascot. We bought this on our trip to the Philippines. He's wearing a barong.

4. Overdue Christmas presents. I cringe when I see these. They need to be delivered sooner than later.

5. My Old High School Sweater.... which I now use strictly as home wear. And when frying stuff.

6. Twilight Saga. I am enamored by the series. I <3>

7. My Pretty Lady on Vacation in Hawaii Pillow. It's so pretty, I had to buy. Edward likes it too.

I found this task a tad difficult. Mainly because I don't have much red in the room.... If the game was take pictures of pink stuff... Now that I would have over 10 pictures.