Monday, July 26, 2010

Did I miss something?

So... Is dancer/choreographer/turned recording artist, Blake McGrath gay or not? I was watching an episode of Cribs and all he talked about was "manly accents", "manly colors"... blah blah. But then he was also going on extensively about all the minute details and the meaning/reasoning as to why he purchased his useless crap. Sorry...but for real, waste. The ended his segment saying something about making a baby. Huh?

Anywho, most guys on this show aren't really THAT descriptive of their homes...which leads me to the land of confusion. Are you gay or are you into women who swoon over all your manly detailed home?

No big deal, really. I just wanted to know.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Influence Project

So...Fast Company... they have this project where we can gauge our level of influence in the world. I'm pretty sure mine would pale in comparison to "iJustine", but it would be nice to see. You log in through either Facecrack or register yourself and they give you a link and you post it where ever your friends are...I guess. I'm really not too sure what it's all about or how it's relevant to my life... but it would be interesting to see my level of influence.

So, go! Click on the link please. Click on the link. Clink on the link. Remember that movie, Encino Man? Brendan Fraser played a caveman named Link. Click him.



'Nuff said.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Facebook is NOT your friend!

I'm such a stickler for correct spelling, grammar and usage of the like. Every now and then, when stalking my fellow Facebookers, I come across status updates that are so CLEARLY wrong, it takes every bone in my body not to post a "correction comment".

Mind you, I most definitely make up words, like adding an extra "-est" as in...sexierest. That's me. But I am NOT down with (O.P.P.) the interchanging and misusage of there/their/they're or were/where/we're and so on.... Here's an actual status update that I'm just itching to correct, but I won't on Facecrack... but I will on here!!!!!

*The Facebook user name has not been posted out respect for the person... but mainly because the person is crazy and who knows what'll happen. Not really.

"So and So Seriously needs more patients. I can't do this all my own"

Really? You need more patients? What are you going to do with them? Are the patients going to help you? Because if they're sick, I don't think they'll be much help. And I'm pretty sure you didn't go to school for anything that's remotely related to being able to tend to someone medically. I'm not a dumb-ass. I know the individual meant "patience". But I know what to get 'em for Christmas... a Rodger's Thesaurus Dictionary. The dictionary for obvious reasons...the thesaurus mainly for fun.

Well... I gotta get ready for work. Lame.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've been having some mad strange dreams lately... and usually, they're not only dream sequences, but I'm thinking they're premonitions. I know I sound crazy, but for real, months later, I experience a wicked case of deja vu... and I'm pretty sure there wasn't a glitch in the Matrix. Trust! It's happened many times before.

So, recently...

Dream #1

In my dream, I'm pregnant. (I know. Scary.) I didn't dream the full on being pregnant part, it was more like at one moment I had a huge belly, the next, tight, ripped, abs in place of the huge belly (Hey! It's my dream) and a premature baby in an incubator with little fabric shades on. The next moment, I have a fat, pandesal arms, langonisa legs baby in my arms and Mr. Fitness has one, too. Then I wake up. Twins? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me just start off with one!!!!

Dream #2

I've just woken up from this dream. Mr. Fitness and I are walking down Seymour, downtown, and there are hoards of charter buses parked everywhere. At the next moment, I notice gorgeous, strong black men all around us walking in choreographed steps, speak-yelling in chants and grunts. There's a university stepping Vancouver? Whatever. There are loads of black men in Vancouver. Be thankful.

Anywho, I hear a bass, snare and rimshot drum beat coming from a bar/lounge and so I follow it. It's that dude from The Roots...Questlove aka Ahmir Thompson. I immediately have the feeling that I'm supposed to be here. I get up on stage and I sing. I don't know what song I've just sung... I go to the bathroom and I wake up.

So that's about it. It's going to happen. I just don't know when. Maybe not the Step competition, though... we don't really do that sort of thing here.