Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm such a stalker...

On Facebook, that is. It's true. And the creepy kind too. Well, maybe not. I'm not a stalker, I just crush a lot. Oh... and BTW... not IRL. *(You like that? I just learned what that means. I always thought IRL had something to do with websites, until I was unlovingly corrected and informed that it was URL. Thanks. You + Me = unfriend)

When it comes to stalking family, it's mainly to see what they're up to, if they've gotten a new haircut or boy/girlfriend. WHICH reminds me!!!!

My sister has a new boyfriend. Yah. I know. And I haven't even met him IRL. Only on Facecrack, but even then I stalked this guy...through my God sister's pictures! My sister says that she's not ready for the fam to meet him, probably because I'm somewhat protective of her (I am her Ate. And have you seen my sister? She's beautiful! How could I not??) and a hard ass. No horse-like features, crooked toes or questionable fashion sense. He's a good lookin' kid and they seem to really like each other. Aaaand... I don't get those feelings of..."say one thing wrong so I can cuss you out...PLEASE!!!" So that's good.

But still. She's a big girl.

Wow... that was a tangent and a half! I don't even remember the other stuff I was going to say.